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Web Design, Build and Hosting for Private and Business Users.

Web Content Matters

Design for small businesses or start ups, can be carried  out by yourself.

Where possible we encourage companies who wish to design or manage their own website to do so.

But only if you are confident to do this.  We do offer using us as a support and training service?

Quite often this “out sourced service” works very well together by  complementing each other.

Using Images

Relavent content for search results  is still the most important way to maintain your site, although images and video play an increasing role.

No two businesses  are the same and establishing a brand, or product is key to kick starting your imagination.

We can help you to promote the business by providing clarity in these tasks.

Web Sites Need To Be Found

Strange as it may seem web visitors that come flooding onto your site  no longer works.

The main reason is that there are so many sites all competing with other for the first page listings.

“”Gone are the days when the words for example “get me a plumber” will be enough to get you on the first page of Google”.

For example,  just today there are some 1,240,000 results, that are competing against you.  Just type “Medical” and see what you get !

However there are ways!  Not magic but sound and proven ideas, that work!

There are many ways to attract customers and businesses need to know how to work with search engines, we can assist you.