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A guide to Design & Development Costs

Building each website is a unique process

The key is in its flexibility, from ease of updating, to an ability to represent your business in a compelling way.

Understanding your business is vital, along with research, consultation and planning. These aspects do not need to be time consuming, or expensive but should be part of the process.

Web design is a service, rather than a product. Whoever you choose to supply this service, we suggest avoiding set website packages, or the open ended position of hourly rates.

A good development company should provide a firm quote to match individual needs. The examples below may seem to contradict our resistance to packages but are just guidelines, to offer clients a picture.
Guide To Website Costs

Display Sites – For a holding situation, an event, a meet up. A well designed presence and contact point on the web, of perhaps 3 or 4 pages:
£ 500 to £600

Small Business Website – To replace a website, or for a new business. An online brochure, contact opportunity and solid start in search, 12 to 15 pages:
£ 1000 to £1250

SME or Corporate Website – This really is a guide, when detail and features will vary notably. Typically 30 to 60 pages, although it can of course be more:
£ 2000 to £3000

Once again, this is a guide. We offer a bespoke, professional design service and ensure technical aspects are well engineered. Each client’s needs are unique.

Guide to Content, Video & Images

You will notice above, that cost per page declines as page numbers go up. This is because the cost focuses on design and function, where clients would be supplying their own content.

Every website we build comes with an efficient, user friendly content management system. As much training and support as you need are available and we can help add your initial content.

There are still many situations where having the content provided for you makes economic sense. Professionally created content also tends to add value in terms of working with search, or better client conversion.

Copywriting Service – We are asked to edit draft content and will provide a quote. For complete, fresh pages, including all tags and other search needs:
£ 80 to £100 per page

Images & Videos – We work closely with knowledgeable photographers and video production companies. Their output, your own, or stock images can be used:

£ Quotes Available

We expect to visit you before, perhaps during and after the build. Aspects above can be finalised, your staff shown how to use the content management system, wider web needs explained. Part of our service.

What We Always Provide is a Guide

In essence, a partnership approach. A business doesn’t want a website to stroke their ego, they want a business tool. Our responsibility is to work with you and ensure we provide:

Professional advice and support based on experience.
Bespoke design meeting all your brand requirements.
A site working across devices, such as pads & mobiles.
The functionality we agree to provide, fully tested.
A site with the scope to grow, as your needs change.

These are our working standard and our approach is flexible, although we want to be clear on aspects which can bring additional cost
Additional Services

Prime amongst these is search engine optimisation, key to success for many businesses. We have available an internationally recognised SEO specialist, who can provide a range of services, including:

Initial SEO Reports – A study of your current web presence. Focused on the way forward and where appropriate, an outline plan for a new website:
£ 297 to £397

Ongoing SEO Support – Search is borne in mind on all our work. There are still circumstances where specific input is required, to achieve business aims:
£ 300 to £400 per day

A further, often neglected need, is good quality website hosting. A small, or transitory site may be okay on low cost hosting but in general, well managed hosting is worth paying for.

We make no charge beyond the real cost. Simply preferring that clients have good online security, avoid limited server memory and have a fast website. A search ranking factor and a vital one for user experience.


Managed Hosting – To provide technical excellence and allow you to contract hosting directly, even though we may be named as a technical contact:
£ 250 to £300 per annum

Visits during development are part of our quote. There can still be times when extra training, or support are required. We also enjoy supporting our clients longer term, on content addition, or creation, technical needs, advice on the web.

Ongoing Web Support – This is often by the hour, or the day, although we can set up a monthly arrangement, whatever suits your need:
£ 40 per hour (£ 300 per day)

Their will at times be other specialist needs, such as developing a customer portal, a shopping cart, collecting and sorting data securely. These can all be catered for in a professional way.

They are part of the reality that every website and every business is different. On costs, what we like to do is ensure these are completely clear before work starts. A rational business agreement, without surprises.

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